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Master thesis project: The closed paper mill: An optimization of the water balance

Intresseområde (Area of interest): Ingenjör Miljö

Uppdragstyp (Type of assignment): Examensarbete/Uppsats

Beskrivning (description)

Papermaking requires water. A paper mill uses water as a medium and the water is taken from a nearby river/lake. After the papermaking process the water is purified in a treatment plant and then released back into the river/lake. This leads to a loss in energy due to that the water temperature is higher when released. With a changing climate (higher temperatures and droughts) a water intake restriction could be a possibility within a short future. The reduction of the water consumption could either be done by recycling the water or to reduce the amount of water delivered into the treatment plant. A reduction of process water to the treatment plant is of most interest and will lead to an energy, environmental and economic benefit. Therefore an investigation is needed to survey the paper mill’s water balance.

Project goal
The goal of the thesis is to propose an optimization of the water balance. This will include an investigation and survey of the existing water balance and proposing measures to reduce the water consumption.

Proposed thesis project
The work will be made at Rexcell Tissue & Airlaid AB. Conventional flow and temperature measurements will be taken. Necessary process data will be provided.

For the applicant
The project is suitable for chemical- or environmental & energy engineering students writing their master thesis. Travel expenses and reimbursement are paid according to agreement.

Sista ansökningsdag (application deadline): 2019-01-11

Arbetsgivare (employer)

Rexcell Tissue & Airlaid AB




Kontaktperson (contact person)

Marcus Martinsson