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Female students for a Project on University Women Employability

Intresseområde (Area of interest): Alla områden

Uppdragstyp (Type of assignment): Praktikplats Projektarbete (kort)

Beskrivning (description)

- Programme Information:
The Office for the Equality of the Vice‐Rectorate of Culture and Social Commitment of the University
Pablo de Olavide, in collaboration with the area of Employability and Entrepreneurship of the Vice‐
Rectorate for Strategy, Employability and Entrepreneurship, with the funding of the Andalusian
Women Institute (Equality and Social Policies Counselling of the Junta de Andalucía), promotes the
Programme UNIVERGEM: "Universities for the Employability and Entrepreneurship of University
Women from the Gender Perspective"
The Objective of this program is to train University women in gender and equality to improve their
employability and entrepreneurship options by providing them with knowledge of the available
orientation and training resources, as well as the most advantageous options for accessing and
maintaining the employment based on their interests, demands and their training and professional
profiles. It will be relevant in the programme the formation in Equality Gender perspective in
relation to equal opportunities of access and conditions in the labour market
- Placement Period:
1. Objectives: Training in Work‐placements, companies which activity is related to the
beneficiaries’ professional sectors and expectations. With special interest in those companies
sensitive to gender perspective and having women working within its operative structure.
2. Duration: The Placements will be developed during 8 weeks (2nd May – 28th June 2019)
3. Professional Degrees:
- Business Administration and Management
- Finances, Accountancy and Economic Analysis
- Environmental Sciences / Geography and History
- Biotechnology
- Nutrition and Dietetics
- Agricultural Engineering
- Sciences of physical activity and sport
- Social Education / Political Sciences and Administration
- Sociology
- Social Work
- Law / Spanish‐German Law with the University of Bayreuth
- Criminology
- Labor Relations and Human Resources
- Geography and History
- Humanities
- Translation and Interpretation
- Computer Engineering in Information Systems
4. Work‐Placement conditions: Tasks, working hours, mentoring
- Tasks:
Planning, organizing and executing operations related to the daily activity of the workplacement,
the tasks and responsabilities must match beneficiaries knowledge, skills and
competences within their professional itineraries.
- Working hours: 20h / week
- Mentoring: Identify a tutor or mentor to monitor the participant's training progress.
5. Agreements and Commitment: Training Agreements and Quality Commitment documents will
be asked to be signed as contractual relationship between parts: Sending Institution,
Intermediary institutions and Hosting Organisation.
- Obligations of the host organisation:
• Foster understanding of the culture and mentality of the host country.
• Assign to participants tasks and responsibilities to match their knowledge, skills and
competences and training objectives as set out in the Learning Agreement and ensure that
appropriate equipment and support is available.
• Identify a tutor or mentor to monitor the participant's training progress.
• Provide practical support if required including a clear contact point for trainees that face
• Check the appropriate insurance cover for each participant

Sista ansökningsdag (application deadline): 2019-05-01

Arbetsgivare (employer)

Universidad Pablo de Olavide



Kontaktperson (contact person)

María Jesús Ruiz