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12 Months Paid Internship in Sales and Marketing at Sjoeblom Winery in Napa Valley, California

Intresseområde (Area of interest): Ekonomi Information Kommunikation Ledarskap Marknadsföring Media Turism

Uppdragstyp (Type of assignment): Praktikplats Sommarjobb Trainee-plats

Beskrivning (description)

Company: Sjoeblom Winery
Host company homepage: https://www.sjoeblom.com/
Duration of training period: 12 months
Start Date: Negotiable
Compensation: The pay is negotiable. Possibility for living arrangements, etc.
Location: Napa Valley, California
Application Deadline: APPLY ASAP

Contact Person: Bertta Järvinen
Contact E-mail: bertta.jarvinen@sacc-usa.org
Contact Phone: +1 (202) 536 1520

About the host company
We have been making wine in Napa Valley since 2000. Our product line include Sparkling Wine (Methode Champenoise), Chardonnay, Zinfandel, and the addition this year of Glögg.

Job Description
Job Summary and Tasks
You will be in Napa, California. Your task at Sjoeblom Winery will be to communicate with already established customers, as well as establish new customer relationships around the United States. These relationships will also include retailers. Communications will primarily be via electronic media (e-mail, social media, etc.), but will also include direct contact via phone or trade events.

Your position will include relevant training in sales and marketing communications. You will also be trained in oenology, in order to be able to properly communicate with wine professionals as well as consumers direct.

- is an extrovert, likes people and has good communication skills.
- is creative and flexible.
- enjoys challenges, as you may be exposed to new sales and marketing concepts under the direction and supervision of Mike Sjöblom.
- has preferred skills with Google Analytics, the Facebook Marketing Platform, as well as other social media engines (Twitter, Instagram, etc.).
- is a Swedish citizen and speaks fluent Swedish.
- has good English communication skills, orally as well as in writing.
- is at least 21 years of age.

Required Skills
Eligible for J-1 Visa

APPLY ASAP THROUGH: https://sacc-usa.org/trainee/positions/us/

Sista ansökningsdag (application deadline): 2019-08-31

Arbetsgivare (employer)

Sjoeblom Winery

Napa Valley, California, USA


Kontaktperson (contact person)

Bertta Järvinen